xThe training must open up to ...

xxx- the necessity to increase the efficiency and performance
- an environment which is more and more competition driven and and exposed to change
- an increasing number of people to train, at all levels
- an increasing importance of knowledge for managers, specialists and employees
- the demand for higher self-responsibility all employees must assume, also in training
- the necessity of active participation of everybody in training
- an enhanced assessment of the efficiency of the training activities (for optimal Return on Investment)
- a target-oriented training, based on the need of the jobs and tasks (curriculum)

xThe training must open up to new methods, tools and concepts.

can help you in that task, for example by ...
reviewing your traning concept
auditing your training department
identifying and analyzing your training needs
presenting the advantages and success-factors of new methods to your management
planning and accompanying the introduction of such new methods (e.g. eLearning)
preparing your managers and employees for the use of these new methods