xWhy creating self-paced training material (elearning) ?

xxxYou know the problems: you have to train a big number of people, perhaps as quickly as possible; or: your people are spread all over the country or even the world; or: the dates of your class-courses are never convenient to everybody; or: the level of pre-knowledge and of the learning-capacity of the participants vary enormously and necessitates a slow-down to adapt to the weak participants ...

Indeed, providing training material for self-paced learning may be the solution. With an eLearning programme, well adapted to the target public, to the content and to the complexity of the topic, one can achieve - or even: better achieve - a wanted training objective.   

Learning individually, in a self-paced rhythme, independent of location and time, is a method which is on one hand very efficient and well appreciated by the learners and on the other hand beneficial in terms of costs and spent time

xx lFinally, even if a class-room course is necessary, an eLearning programme to work through as a preparation can be useful for introducing the basic elements. So, the participants coming to the class are all on the same pre-knowlege level and the trainer can go on efficiently from the very beginning.

is at your service for ...
developing programmes for self-paced learning, using interactivity and media (images, sound) and - most important - having a pedacogically clear and efficient structure, i.e. a good "learning road-map".
(they are executable as native Windows programmes, from CDROM or by download, and/or in online mode on an  Intranet or on the Internet)  
produce any other training or presentation material (without interactivity, quicker to create, less expensive)
create modules for checking the knowledge and progress (tests, quizzes)
transform existing presentation material (e.g. PowerPoint slides) into modules for self-learning (adding speech, or bubble-texts, animations, navigation buttons or even complementary interactive modules) 
provide independent consulting for the evaluation and selection of off-the-shelf eLearning programmes, for planning and managing elearning development projects, and for the introduction of the eLearning Method or of a LMS (Learning Management System) in your enterprise.

xx         xOn the page "examples" you will find a demonstration of some products realized by OpenTrain.