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an eLearning programme :  "Food and Nutrition Basics

- This programme gives a basic introduction into some important aspects of nutrition. 
- It has been developed for Nestlé who contributed with their competence in matter of nutrition.  
- It exists in English (demo), as well as in Spanish and Portuguese.
- The programme was developed with the authoring tool "Toolbook Instructor" of SumTotal Systems

a group of three small "info-quiz" modules about nutrition:
> "Why we eat " - (Interactive tour about nutrition)
> "What we eat " - (Interactive tour about nutrients)
> "How to eat " - (Interactive tour about Diet and Health)

- These modules have been developed for  'Nestle.com', i.e. its sub-site "Wellness" (link:
click here)  
- They combine matter information and a question-answer game dealing with different aspects of nutrition 
- The modules exist only in English (translations are planned)
- They were created with the aid of a simple "skeleton framework", developed by OpenTrain, using DHTML and JavaScript.

The Virtual Gallery of Era Rika (available only on CDROM)

- Presentation of the artiste-painter Era Rika and her artworks, in form of a virtual gallery and a full catalogue 
- The programme was developed with "Toolbook Instructor" and its language OpenScript, from SumTotal Systems

The software-package "eQuest" for the collection and processing the "appraisals" (feedbacks) of the participants in a class-room cours

- Please see the page dedicated to this topic:
- The programmes were developed with "Toolbook Instructor" et its language OpenScript, from SumTotal Systems

Creation of WEB-sites :

- Site of the artiste-painter 
Era Rika 

- Site of the wind-orchestre  AdLibitum

Various other products can be visualized at OpenTrain.
They cannot be presented here because their content is not publically available