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Maybe you have a piece of music you like, but it is not available with the wanted instrumentation, or certain additional parts or countermelodies are necessary to get the piece more interesting.

Perhaps you have a tune or a theme which you would like to have in form of a fully developped piece for your ensemble.

For such projects OTmusic could offer you a solution.

Of course, such a task depends on your requirements and your specifications. To be able to provide you with a concrete and binding proposition, the most efficient way is to phrase your ideas and reqirements and to address - without obligation - that demand for an offer (including available samles or originals) to OTmusic by means of an e-mail (see under "Contacts").
If you prefer to discuss your ideas in a phone conversation, you can give a call, or - if the distance is not to complicated - a personal meeeting may be possible too.

After possible clarifications and further inquiries you will get from OTmusic an offer - as precise as possible - with a description and the involved costs.

For seeing examples of such an arrangement project you can see and hear the pieces "Méli-Mélo" oder "Tango Amore", arranged by R. Rickenbacher (you find them here in the chapter "Pieces for Wind-Orchestras".