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You have bought - or found in your archive - a piece which you would like to perform with your ensemble, but certain parts of it are written for instruments (tonality, clef) which are not available or the piece is written in a key that is too high or low, too delicate or too diffcult for your musicians.

May be also that you have a full score, for which certain individual parts are missing. You would have to copy manually these parts from the full score. This would take a lot of time and effort (and include potential errors).

For all these needs it is possible that OTmusic's service can give you a hand.

Please describe briefly what you need and address it to OTmusic (see under "contacts"), by attaching the related existing sheet music. You will then receive a firm offer with price and delivery specification.
As the variety of such needs is very large (volume, complexity, quality of the originals) it is practically impossible to give here an indication of the probable costs of such a task. But be assured, the prices are within reasonable bounds and comprehensible. Feel free to ask for a nonbindig offer.