and its background


The company OpenTrain-R.Rickenbacher was founded in 1999 and was activ during 20 years in the Jahren aktiv in the development of computer based training tools and media based presentations.

In 2019 decided the owner, Richard Rickenbacher, to give up the professional activities in this domain and to deregistrate the company in the commercial register. He wanted spend henceforth the time on his passion about music. As he was active already earlier - besides his activity as a tromboniste and euphoniste - in writing pieces of music for small groups and for wind-bands, he wanted to continues on that way. Therefore the label "OpenTrain" became "OpenTrain-Music", or rather simpler OTmusic .

Through this Internet site, OTmusic wants to present and propose this compositorial creativity, including the technical tasks like transpositions, completing missing missing parts or arrangements to an interested target public.